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Pawned items Pawned items

If all you need is a short-term loan, borrow money FAST at Old Sarge's Pawnbrokers today. A pawn loan gives you money for items you already own, so there's no interest rate worries, and no stacks of paperwork to sign!

How does a pawn work?

Efficient and honest service since 1959

• Make a 90-day cash loan on your pawned items

• Pay back the loan and the merchandise is returned

• Renew the loan to extend it

• Surrender your pawned items as payment in full


Pawn your valuable belongings and get cash instantly!

Make sure you get the most out of your items, from handguns to guitars, when you bring them in to Old Sarge's Pawnbrokers.


Receive the best price immediately for anything of value and get back to your life worry-free! Call or stop by today to learn more.

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Avoid credit checks and legal repercussions

Don't struggle through paperwork. Find a fast and confidential way to get the money you need!

Borrow money without the hassle of a bank!